Sunday, 4 March 2012

Up on the Roooofffff!!!!

Here is Neil on the roof fitting the chimney pipe. He looks quite happy in the picture but that was a brief moment in between swearing, as the pipe came out a bit closer to the ridge than he would of liked, which meant that the ridge tiles needed to be taken off and re-cemented in place. Nothing is ever simple.

I would take a photo of the completed chimney, but the weather has turned and I do like everyone to believe that we live in constant sunshine here in the Limousin.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Do you see that thing on the wall on the left of the picture below?

it's a radiator!!!!!! How amazing is that?!! Jase came up trumps again and bought out a working party consisting of Mel and his mate Paul. All of them worked like mad to help move us on and wow! what a difference.

The next photo is Neil (helped by Jase and Mels's dog Bob) putting in the woodburner with a back boiler, that will heat the aforementioned radiators

Next, one of Jason who got stuck into some plasterboarding, standing in what will be the bathroom...

and finally one of the bathroom - with the bath in position (and another radiator!!)


Lots more to say but Neil is currently on the roof trying to fit a chimney so I need to go and check he is ok and help him!!!