Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm not at all sure where the last two weeks have gone. Neil spent one of them in the UK visiting his family and the last week has just been a blur - partly due to celebrations for my birthday which did seem strung out over a few days - fun though!!

I'm sitting at the computer today because it is one of those annoying days where the weather just can't make its mind up what it is doing. Every time the sun comes out I go out and try and make a start on tidying up the garden - but then we just get a downpour again. Also frustratingly the sit on mower is refusing to fire into life.

Anyway a few pics of the garden and here is a lovely camelia that my boss bought me for my birthday. I had to put it up off the floor as I came out of the front door and the chickens were pecking the flower heads off - grrr!!

This is the lettuce, radish and spring onion raised bed. I know that things are planted way too close but space is at a bit of a premium until the polytunnel is finished

this is one of the chicks - amazing how fast they change from cute fluffy things to raptory half feathered adolescents!!

At the weekend we had a curry night for a few (12) friends - Neil did a sterling job cooking several curries and I tried to make the place look vaguely habitable

Lastly I just want to give a 'virtual hug' to Judith and Ian who lost their lovely cat Charley

and to Margaret and Keith who lost dear old Tess a short time ago

they both had a lovely life being spoilt rotten and loved dearly.

Friday, 11 March 2011

I was really looking forward to a day out shopping and generally taking it easy before unforseen events changed plans and we were left at a bit of a loose end.....
"Lets go out together and have some quality time out" - says I
"It's good weather today and I could get the concrete ring beam done on the workshop" says he. Bollocks.
A couple of hours later I am stood with a concrete mixer, ten buckets and two wheelbarrows and an expectant hubby standing on a scaffolding. I lugged many buckets of concrete before a bit of a wrist injury stopped play. Feeling terribly guilty I left Neil to carry on whilst I hovered around trying to help and strapping my wrist up.

Tommorow morning I have a six oclock start (am not pm) as I am off to a showjumping event in the next department. I'm hoping not having to muck out will rest my wrist and it will soon be back to full strength.

Here are the first batch of chicks born this year. The black one at the front was hatched in a friends' incubator but was the only chick to hatch, so they bought it over and it has settled in very well with my gang.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Progress update!

The workshop is progressing well - although Neil tells me that this is the fast bit - he has to make all the roof trusses which could take some time.
He is going to put a ring beam of concrete around the top course of blocks and he is nearly at that level now...

Luckily the weather is fabulous at the moment so he is enjoying working in the sun

I got back from musical ride practice today and there was a huge pile of logs waiting to be stacked. The ride went really well and we had memorised it perfectly - we just need the horses to get on together now and all will be well, they spent loads of time pulling faces today and not wanting to trot side by side. It's still early days though!!

Ian has finished welding the polytunnel and has done a fab job. Its ready for the plastic now, but Neil is going to build some raised beds before that goes on top.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Musical Ride Madness

Is there such a thing? I think so. This bloody musical ride is going round and round and round in my head while I try to memorise it. We are training in two seperate groups and apparently the other group have what sounds like a photographic memory and have already nailed their bit.

So not one to dodge a challenge I nabbed the organisers list of movements and photocopied them, one for myself and one for Jane, who is the other lead rider in our group. Basically everyone else can just follow us around, except at two points where we all have to turn at the same time (must think of a signal).

Jane and I have made it our mission to be as near as damn it perfect for Saturdays rehearsal, so watch this space...

Neil came back to bed this morning with a cup of tea and as we had our ritual cuddle to start the day I noticed that he smelled...of woodsmoke, having stoked the woodburning stove to keep it going. Later I was watching the morning news and a tv advert came on for a fabric conditioner that fills the house with a fresh Spring Flowers aroma (apparently). My washing always smells of woodsmoke at this time of year as it dries on a sheila maid over the fire.

Spring freshness would be nice - but you can't beat a bit of wood smoke.