Sunday, 16 October 2011

About last night....

It's already going all Pete Tong (wrong). Dutch Bird and her husband (the French farmer) are coming around for dinner , and Neil and I have already consumed far too much alcohol to be providing a decent meal and entertainment.

Neil invited them over with the idea of having an entirely 'French speaking' evening. I always try to speak to DB's hubby in French, as I feel that she befriends an awful lot of Brits (probably because we all buy property with land that she can then graze her horses on when we realise that we can't possibly manage it properly) who make no effort whatsoever (or at best very little) to converse with him in his own language in his own house. That may be an unfair critique but I fear not.

It's now the morning after, and I have to say the evening went incredibly well - I even learnt a couple of French phrases that I will have to ask my teacher about (luckily she is very broad minded) .

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blimey it's happened again - time whizzing by and me suddenly remembering the blog and thinking that if I don't write something I will be in major trouble with either my or Mags's mum.

Jason has been over again and bless him has been working his fingers to the bone log chopping, digging and basically having a go at anything we chuck at him. I keep apologising for having such poor accomodation in return for his labours but he seems quite happy tucked away in the little caravan. Still I suppose anything is better than the tent that we put up for him that nearly blew away (with him)one stormy night!!!!

Neil is busy in his workshop working on an oak door that someone has been patiently waiting nine months for. I have installed a phone in the workshop so that I can call him in when (I think) his time is up. Trouble is, now that he has some decent lighting and coffee making facilites in there I am never going to get him to come in for his tea as he doggedly works on...

Dutch bird has been internet searching more musical rides for next year. I had to laugh when she showed me one video of a group of fresians all performing quite high level dressage movements (well they would be difficult on our young untrained horses). It was quite a challenge just to get the horses to go in a straight line at the show, let alone sideways whilst high stepping. I think she needs to have a reality check but I doubt she would agree with me.

What do you think about it?