Tuesday, 28 August 2012

and another one!

Pig in Poo!!

Hurrah for progress - here is the fireplace which I absolutely love - we hope it kind of looks like it was always there (apart from the central heating pipes!!) Keith has built an absolute work of art in my humble opinion!!
Next the barn doors - in at last - I am so chuffed with them...
And here is Neil - enjoying a very well deserved glass of vino!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Building the fireplace

A Stick Insect with a Stick insect!!!!

Neil spotted this fella clinging on to the front door this afternoon. See below the video of the old beam being put in position - the addition of a fireplace is really turning the space into a 'room', and we can't thank Keith enough for his expertise in his stone work. Have I mentioned that the doors arrive on Sunday? (!!!) We were discussing how much of a difference having a lounge will make to us in terms of living space. Everything crammed into what will one day be our kitchen has not made life easy. Having extra space to store things will be fantastic and I can't wait - we might even get to be organised one day!! It's amazing what a boost getting some stuff done gives you!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Some more pics for you!!

There is a tangible sense of expectation in the air - the bi-fold doors are arriving on Sunday and another burst of activity from Neil and the lovely Keith is moving things on once again. Keith is continuing with the fireplace. Great discussion has been taking place, as we hoped the beam that will sit across the fireplace would hide the silver part of the chimney, but that would make the beam a bit too close to the woodburner from a fire hazard point of view. So we may end up spraying it black to blend in as much as possible.
Keith is cutting stones here - he is amazingly skilled at stonework
Neil doing some of the last fiddly bits of plasterboarding
More of Keiths pointing!!