Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Re- bonjour!!

Hello everybody – it has been bought to my attention just how long it is since the last blog – time is just whizzing by, and I just haven’t been getting round to it, even I was shocked when I realised my last update was early March. I apologise to those of you that enjoy reading our updates. Here, via the medium of my facebook status updates, is a zip through the last month and a half….. is looking out of the window at my Appie - lovely :0) Appie is now approaching two years old (Well, on the 23rd May), and we bought him to my house so that I could spend a bit of quality training time with him. It was great to have him here, but having had horses here all winter there wasn’t much grass left – so it was a short term thing unfortunately….. is going to get plastered later. But not in the way you think!! The work on the house continues – we were trying hard to get as much done before the next batch of visitors!! was wondering how many calories there are in a blackcurrant and licorice sweet, but then realised it was a bit pointless to be worrying about it when I consumed an entire bottle of white wine last night, which apparently it around 509 calories. I'm not going to be slim any time soon!!!! Since November Neil and I have been trying to have a bit of a lifestyle change – we have lost a fair bit of weight but are still finding it a bit of a challenge!! It's a suprise, but everything's ok!!! I had a bit of an accident at work when I got slammed against a wall by a horse that was having some dental work done. I had some trauma to my ribcage and ended up in A&E having X rays and scans. One of these scans looked rather like a baby scan, so I posted it on facebook and let people jump to their own conclusions. You wouldn’t believe the interest that caused!!!!! It was actually a scan of my liver. Firing up the new back boiler wood burner - central heating - woo hoo!!!!! Thanks to Paul the lovely plumber our central heating system was ready to be tested. Hopefully next winter we will be warm and Tess’s water bowl won’t freeze in the hall. has had an unexpected birthday present today - a duck!!!! :0) Three to be exact. Shame they all flew off the next day!! would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent happy birthday messages - facebook wouldn't let me say thanks individually to some of them but I had a lovely day ta xxx I know some people hate facebook – but I find that it is a great , simple way to stay in touch.. is not talking to Lenny - he bought a half dead baby bird into the bedroom this morning......blimmin cats :0( Bless him has a very healthy emergency chocolate supply thanks to Melanie Leishman - just need to refrain from eating it as I am a bit miserable with rib ache :0( I need to have at least one bar in the house in case of Urgence!!!!! just had to evict my horse from the hall - chickens, ducks, horses - don't they realise they have 5 acres of their own to roam around? Neil nearly had a dicky fit – he was only happy when he had checked all the tiles and found they were unbroken! is really happy that Appie is now in a field with some lovely grass! With a complete lack of rain and hay in short and very expensive supply it was lovely to see him happily grazing in a field full of grass, even if it wasn’t at home.. hopes all the horses get home safely :-/ the day of the Grand National. Two didn’t and had to be destroyed. Such a shame. is trying to tidy the house up before mum and dad get here - we did it about a year ago but would you believe it's a mess again!!!! Enough said!! is enjoying having the mare and foal here - what a wonderful timewaster foal watching is!!!!! This years’ friesian foals have been born – after a bit of a traumatic delivery one came here so that I could give the mare her injections. I will post some photos soon!!!! is waiting for a stallion..... No peace for the wicked – mares come into season when their foals are about 5 days old – the two mares here are going to be put back immediately in foal, so Appies dad is coming over to do his job…. Ok, I’m back on it – will post again soon, take care xx