Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just for Pat and Kathy!!

I have been gently nudged and reminded to blog by both my mum and Margarets' mum Pat. Hi to you both and thank you for your dedication in reading this blog - it's just sometimes I really can't think of much to say!!
Not that we have been idle, the workshop is progressing and the outer stone wall is being built by Keith, whilst Neil has been railing out and insulating the inside and beginning to sort out the electrics.

The musical ride is coming on. There are only a couple of months before the show, and it became evident that at least six people of the twelve who were supposed to be taking part were not going to be making an appearance, so we are now going to do the ride with only 8 ( so two people have some fast learning to do!!)

My colt Appie is becoming more used to handling - he loves people and is very social, but he has to get used to having his legs picked up and being touched all over and led about. I'm really looking forward to the training process as he has a lovely temperament.

Right, I must get on and do some stuff - I have spent a fair bit of time today trying to organise a free and inventive birthday present for Neil's birthday on Sunday. It's one of my more ridiculous ideas and i'll tell you more about it when it's not a secret!!!!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Our friend Jason is here again for a mini break, and what a devil for punishment he is!! Here is a photo of him helping Neil to insulate the workshop - you'd think he'd want to sit around and drink beer like normal people!!

Keith and Mags came over with the pups last night and Tess's nose was severely put out of joint when not only the pups, but Lenny the cat all decided to help themselves to her tea

Well, Quackers does indeed now have a new friend and companion. As I was working all last week our guests Warney and Carole (yes I did once have a duck and a chicken named after them) drove some distance early one morning to a market that I knew would be able to supply our guide duck.

With their limited command of the language I was impressed that they managed to buy a very handsome looking fluffy duckling, much to the amusement of the vendor I am sure - as their chief instruction was to buy as small a duckling as possible which is not the usual requirement of those purchasing fowl at the market.

Quackers appears even more delighted than me - he seems more interested in life, has put on weight and is constantly preening his new friend and chattering away to him.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Must be Quackers!!

I am having a 'pottering about' day today. We have some good friends coming to stay a bit later so I am trying to make the place look presentable and I am also awaiting the arrival of another house guest, a young blind duckling called Quackers.

Quackers is the only survivor of a fox attack at a friend of mines' house. He survived as, at the time of the attack, he was safely sat on my friends' lap if not watching, then listening to the television in the comfort of her home.
I believe he was born blind, but as my friend is the mother to an avid nine year old animal lover, euthanasia was out of the question.
They are off on holiday tomorrow, so I was asked if I would look after said duckling.

I have been pondering how I am supposed to provide it with adequate care. Apparently it does respond to voices and comes towards you, but when it swims it just swims in a circle. I told Neil that perhaps we should look for another duckling to provide it with company - I think ours would just run right over the top of it as it is only small, so perhaps we should find a guide duck as it were. I'm not sure where to get one at short notice but I could give it a go.
Yes! mind made up - Im off to the internet to do a quick search!! I'll let you know how I get on....