Monday, 26 September 2011

Our Lounge

Doesn't look much like a lounge does it? But this is a huge step for us - now this area is empty of (most) of Neils' tools we can get on with transforming this space into a comfy warm space. sigh. one day!!!.

When completed the wall on the left will be pointed and the stairs will be hidden by a stone surround for the wood burner with a back boiler that will power radiators to heat the house.

Out of shot on the right are the old cattle stalls. We are going to sand these down as a feature with a shelf above. The barn doors will become patio style glass and oak doors.

It feels like the start of a bit of progress..


  1. It's going to be super!
    I almost wish now I'd taken photographs when we were renovating...but at the time it seemed too depressing!
    Lovely idea about the cattle stalls.

  2. thanks very much - hope so. We have a lot of work ahead but it will be worth it!!!

  3. Onwards you go! It seems that one completes one project, feels pleased that one has done so, then there is this dip in which one realises that there is another project following on from the now-completed project. This can one quite a feeling of trying climb a very tall mountain! Not to worry, your place looks great, and love the idea of the cattle stalls. We do not have any such features left here because all was tumbled down. Plus there is too much work here to do ourselves so others have to do it for us. Plus we do not have the time to do it even if we could!

  4. Wow Roz this looks really like progress. It is such fun following progress on camera and looking back at what it all looked like before. Did you get my email? Diane xx

  5. Thanks Vera - I quite agree and I know that you know what we are going through - hope you are enjoying that lovely bedroom xx

    Diane yes, I love my camera and it is really great to document everything, one day I would like a big album with the house from start to finish.


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