Sunday, 16 October 2011

About last night....

It's already going all Pete Tong (wrong). Dutch Bird and her husband (the French farmer) are coming around for dinner , and Neil and I have already consumed far too much alcohol to be providing a decent meal and entertainment.

Neil invited them over with the idea of having an entirely 'French speaking' evening. I always try to speak to DB's hubby in French, as I feel that she befriends an awful lot of Brits (probably because we all buy property with land that she can then graze her horses on when we realise that we can't possibly manage it properly) who make no effort whatsoever (or at best very little) to converse with him in his own language in his own house. That may be an unfair critique but I fear not.

It's now the morning after, and I have to say the evening went incredibly well - I even learnt a couple of French phrases that I will have to ask my teacher about (luckily she is very broad minded) .


  1. Well done, hope Neil remembered to dress this time for the Dutch Bird :) Diane

  2. A couple of beers does wonders for my Spanish...

  3. Well there is a bit of a nip in the air at nights Diane - so full dress was worn and Helen, point taken - we probably just thought it went well and right now they are saying "What the hell were they on about?!!!" ;0)

  4. Yes, but at least you made the effort to integrate, rather than expecting every single person in France, including the entire French population, to speak in English. So well done you and Neil!

  5. We try thanks Vera - we still have a long way to go but I hate to see fellow countrymen who don't at least try to be polite, and there are a lot of them!!


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