Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blimey where does the time go? I just had to write and tell you that apparently a fairly local Super U has got a 'Francais only' check out till - is that allowed?
It's causing some amusement amongst the British fraternity who mostly see it as another staggering example of the French doing their own thing and getting away with it.

Tonight I am making meringues - now that I have a fully functioning oven in situ. Neil asked if the empty mixing bowl was one of the things that as a child he would have been allowed to 'lick out',I answered in the affirmative and he duly wiped his finger around the bowl.
"Probably tastes better if you haven't been scratching the pigs" was his comment. Bless.


  1. I'm sure that wouldn't be allowed under EU rules, but what the heck! I suppose it's broadly equivalent to the UK's quick check-outs... but for different reasons lol.

  2. I guess the Super U can do what it likes! It sounds a bit like apartheid to me. That is what S.Africa used to be like when it said 'Whites only'!

    You are right where does the time go to? At least when I am here. Winter in the UK drags!! Diane

  3. I think it's a good idea - how many times do you stand for hours behind local people who fill up their shopping bags reaaallllyyyyy slooowwwllllyyy before producing a cheque book and writing their cheque whilst having a ten minute chat about the weather?!.

  4. Someone else said it was a bit like apartheid - can you imagine the UK doing a British only checkout in Tescos? Think not!!

  5. I reckon they've been reading the newspapers again....France for the French, expel all foreigners...I wish Sarkozy would just go on holiday.
    I agree with you though about the utility of it all...the British galloping through, honed by years of training in Waitrose, Sainsbury and the like while all the Front National pensioners put years on their lives at the 'French only' checkout!


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