Friday, 6 August 2010


It's only August but already those of us in draughty old farmhouses are thinking of the coming months and getting the wood ordered and stored. There is almost (note I said almost) nothing as satisfying as having a store full of wood. I am using one of the stables to store wood, as now we have a quad bike and trailer it is easier to store the wood inside in the complete dry and then bring it down as and when we need it. I'm fed up of using tarpaulins that are no match for the Limousin wind!

The plan is to build a shelter to house all the machines and the wood, but as Neil is working non stop these days, nothing much is getting done at home.

The stallion at work made the long journey down to St. Emilion again on Monday to have his leg looked at once again. He injured it months ago and has been on box rest ever since. We can now start walking him in hand and the farrier (or marachel ferrant as they are called in France) has fitted him with shoes on his front feet that are fitted with a plastic wedge that takes pressure off the tendons in the back of his leg that are weak after the enforced rest. It must be like walking on high heels, but he seems to be managing ok.

At home the pigs are doing well and will soon be joined by some geese we are rearing for Christmas. It's getting to be quite a smallholding!!


  1. We also have ideas of building a shelter for the wood but when this might ever happen is another story. We would like to buy the barn opposite us which would solve all problems but they are not keen to sell.

    My mother used to have Geese and they drove her mad. They were always on the verandah and trying to get in the house. Needless to say they used to leave poo all over the place! Diane

  2. Geese could be a pain I know, but hopefully they will have less luck than the chickens at getting through the stock fence into the garden.If goose poo is anything like duck poo I have every sympathy with your mother!!

  3. Geese! Almost bought a couple ourselves last weekend, but have no stock fencing at the moment in the Back Field so remain geeseless for the moment. Lester says that they are great to have around, and no trouble. Glad you are growing into a smallholding as well. And re: the licking of the bowl in your previous blog which I have only just caught up with - Lester also likes to lick the bowl out, but not made any such comment about where my fingers have been - if he did, then I would probably put the bowl on his head! Hope you have a good weekend. x

  4. I hope they won't be too much trouble - a friend of ours had one for us last year - they grow to be pretty large beasts with really beady eyes. This year it's our turn and more people want in on the act so we need to have 6! They better behave themselves!


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