Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ice in my house

In the same way most of us take our staircases for granted (note I said 'us', I can say that now the staircase is in woo-hoo!!) I am hoping those of you with central heating aren't taking that for granted either.

My mum (or inspector clouseau as we like to call her) noted that in the photo of Neil, Fred, Pat and the staircase, Fred and Pat were wearing their jackets.
Although it is true that they were on their way home it is also true that you really wouldn't want to spend any time in the hall without wrapping up warmly.

In the end of the house we are living it is lovely and warm, as our woodburner heats the kitchen and our bedroom above it, but it is fair to say that the rest of the house is suffering from the drop in temperature, in fact I just went into the hall to check on the animals drinking water to find a covering of ice over the bowl - so I'm kind of guessing that we are experiencing sub zero temperatures in the rest of our house.

Hopefully that will change reasonably quickly - now the staircase is in place the first floor going down is high on the 'to do' list and following that the upstairs can be partitioned and insulated, which will make a huge difference.
This renovation lark doesn't happen overnight does it?!!!


  1. As long as the part you're living in is warm it doesn't matter too much about the rest.

  2. No it doesn't Roz! Renovation is a slow process indeed. Takes a lot of patience, and self discipline. Have to keep a smile pasted on despite the frosty fingers and toes, that's what we are having to do. Good for the soul! And is character building! Soon be Spring.....xx

  3. No and winter always seems to intervene along the way!
    Just look at Vera's experiences!

    We had one Christmas and New Year when the builders had taken out the ceiling and assorted rubbish in what was to be the kitchen...then had all gone down with 'flu...so we spent a week of freezing weather with just slates between us and the elements....I can tell you, fast food took on a whole new meaning!

  4. Oh don't me wrong, I am very, very grateful for the warm part of the house and I would rather be here than anywhere else - who else has their very own lapland as soon as they walk out of the kitchen? lol!! ;-)

  5. Renovations never seem to end!!!! Ice in the house sound cool! LOL Diane

  6. Yeah, I should be positive and just stick a bottle of vin blanc in the dog bowl lol!!!


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