Friday, 10 December 2010

A table for two.......

My days are even more busy recently because I am working a split shift. I come home and have just enough time to eat lunch and see to our menagerie before returning to work. If I leave my animals until I finish I have to do them in the dark, so I prefer to do them early.

It seems like a bit of a rush though, and today I was eating my lunch, a tuna pasta, and was engrossed in the lunchtime news, as they were discussing the student riots in London yesterday.
I used to work at the training centre for police horses in London, and was enjoying watching the horses on the news report. I casually glanced back at my plate and to my horror realised that Lenny, our young cat had taken advantage of my lack of attention to my plate and was happily helping himself to the tuna pasta from the other side of my dish.
I roared my displeasure at this gross act of misconduct and he just looked at me like "Yeah? So?" I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and deposited him on the floor whereupon he sauntered off licking his lips. Cheeky sod.


  1. In S. Africa we had a beagle who was well practised in pinching food without me noticing until I saw the empty plate. We had to be extremly careful where we put food as he had an amazingly long body!!!!! Diane

  2. That's the trouble with cats...they can be quite sneaky! Chickens can be as well. Any excuse to do a raid in the house will be taken up our lot, and always when we least expect it. Have your chickens gone off lay as well? Chickens down here have. Must be the cold weather suddenly come upon us. Hope you have a good and warm weekend.

  3. The trouble with Lenny is that he is just too damn cute - you can't be angry with him!
    Yes Vera, I'm not getting a single blimmin' egg despite getting rid of the cockerells and reducing the flock to 12. I managed to give away the one hen who was reliably producing an egg!! Oh well, Spring is coming and so hopefully they will soon feel up to it again :0)

  4. We gave the cockerel to friends...to be eaten, I imagine...as he was a real bully to the hens and we were bringing on a younger one.
    The lady who mucks us out said darkly
    'No cockerel, no eggs'
    We looked askance.
    'It's in the Bible'

    I bet the Council of Trent and Vatican II didn't know that!

  5. Cheeky monkey! Thank goodness Jasper's a very good dog, and we can safely put our plates on the floor... although it might be a mistake to leave the room!


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