Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Back to reality..

There are some people very at home with having a hammer in their hand, much in the same way I am with a slice of banoffee pie or a glass of something chilled and bubbly. Alas hammer skills do not come easily to me, and this afternoon has been one of mild to extreem fustration depending on the task in hand at any given moment. I cannot believe just how cack handed I can be whilst trying to hammer in the hooks to hold the fence to the posts. Just when I think at last! a hook is going in straight - I would realise I hadn't put the damn thing around the very wire I was trying to pin down and the hook was useless.

The fox around here has once again decided that we are the "drive in chicken take away" of choice - and has made off with our cockerell and three of my favourite young chicks. I now have constructed an alcatraz style chicken run with an electric fence surround.

It would have been made much easier had my reel of electric wire not exploded on opening. It now resembles a 'slinky' on acid.

I sat on the grass trying patiently to untangle the thing when Neil kindly came to see me with a cold drink. He tried to help but within seconds I could sense his blood pressure rising, and he was just about to throw all of his teddies out of his pram when I sent him off again before he turned the air blue.

He has been doing really well with the workshop despite two trips away and several visitors - here are a couple of pics of the latest progress...

We are about to take Tessy off to the lake to have a nice swim. She is being sterlised tomorrow (after much soul searching and discussion) so we want her to have a nice day today.... lets hope it all goes well, wish her luck!


  1. The fox is getting his revenge on your father for despatching a young fox.

  2. The workshop is looking good. I know the problems with exploding wire reels I had it when I put my rabbit fence up....... Sorry about the return of the fox. Good luck Tessy you will be just fine only a little sleepy for a bit. Take care Diane

  3. The workshop is looking really good and is obviously very nearly finished. I bet Neil's looking forward to getting in there. As for that tangle of wire... rather you than me, but I hope it's untangled now!

  4. Shame about your chickens, and hope that the fence you have managed to put up proves to be fox-proof. Workshop is looking good, too - and it looks like you are already using it as a garage! Hope Tessy enjoyed her swim and that all goes well for her op.

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