Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Its all dutch to me....

I've just got back from a trip to Holland. My friend dutch bird has a sister who lives about 60km from Amsterdam and was having a birthday party. So Neil, me, dutch bird and her french husband, his father and uncle and aunt jumped into two cars and set off up the country, through into Belgium and off into Holland.

Many things struck us about Holland, some of which were

1. how incredibly tidy it is
2. how many people actually do ride bikes
3. what an unbelievably difficult language it is and how different to English/French..
4. how cheap and beautiful all the flowers were
5. how strange that squirty cream is called 'slagroom'....

Being in another country with French people is also interesting...

1. anything not immediately recognisable and available in France is regarded with extreem suspicion
2. as is not having bread available with every meal
3 or vin rouge and ricard...
4. even if the menu says 'entrecote' it most definately is NOT proper entrecote as found in France etc etc.

Having said that, what a lovely bunch these French people were, they put up with us chatting away in incredibly bad french and were really good company.

Anyway I will tell you more about it when I am not so tired.

Apologies to those who have left comments and those whose blogs I try to keep up with - for some reason my google account won't let me leave any comments whatsoever - so it isn't that I am ignoring you and thank you for leaving your comments!!!!

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  1. Roz, Google has been and absolute pain, I have now downloaded Firefox, Google Chrome and I also have Explorer, quite often the only one that I can do comments on is Firefox.....

    Sounds like you had a good time. Dutch is very like Afrikaans, well the later originated from Dutch so I guess that is not surprising, it is very guttural and not nearly so nice to listen to as French. Bikes seems to be the main mode of transport there, but being a flattish country makes it so much easier!! Have visitors most of this month so no time for me! Take care Diane


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