Sunday, 10 July 2011

Well, Quackers does indeed now have a new friend and companion. As I was working all last week our guests Warney and Carole (yes I did once have a duck and a chicken named after them) drove some distance early one morning to a market that I knew would be able to supply our guide duck.

With their limited command of the language I was impressed that they managed to buy a very handsome looking fluffy duckling, much to the amusement of the vendor I am sure - as their chief instruction was to buy as small a duckling as possible which is not the usual requirement of those purchasing fowl at the market.

Quackers appears even more delighted than me - he seems more interested in life, has put on weight and is constantly preening his new friend and chattering away to him.


  1. Great news, so you now have a guide duck that sounds like it is doing a good job as well. Great stuff :-) Diane

  2. I'm still not sure being alive is the right thing for poor Quackers, but at least he is a bit happier now!x

  3. Glad Quackers has a friend. They don't like to be solitary.

    I wish I had recorded...no I don't...my attempts to tranlate these last two posts to a couple of neighbours !
    It's not just the language....it is the cultural difference as well.

  4. What are they like with their animals in Costa Rica Helen? I'm guessing they wouldn't be as soppy as us!!x

  5. What a great idea to have another companion for Quakers. I love hearing our animals talking to each other, and would not ever have one solitary type of animal, which is why we are veering towards keeping goats for milk rather than just one cow.

  6. Some are....and others are nearly French in their neglect.
    The postman has eleven dogs...most of them strays he's picked up on his rounds...another neighbour has a similar pack of strays.....
    There are three monthly castration sessions offered dirt cheap by local vets to keep down the dog and cat population.

    Cattle are in a poor way.....looking at the local auction, a U.K. vet would have the majority put down.
    The agriculture ministry are trying to improve breeds and improve farming practices...but it's a hard job getting to some of the tiny frams out in the wilds.


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