Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just for Pat and Kathy!!

I have been gently nudged and reminded to blog by both my mum and Margarets' mum Pat. Hi to you both and thank you for your dedication in reading this blog - it's just sometimes I really can't think of much to say!!
Not that we have been idle, the workshop is progressing and the outer stone wall is being built by Keith, whilst Neil has been railing out and insulating the inside and beginning to sort out the electrics.

The musical ride is coming on. There are only a couple of months before the show, and it became evident that at least six people of the twelve who were supposed to be taking part were not going to be making an appearance, so we are now going to do the ride with only 8 ( so two people have some fast learning to do!!)

My colt Appie is becoming more used to handling - he loves people and is very social, but he has to get used to having his legs picked up and being touched all over and led about. I'm really looking forward to the training process as he has a lovely temperament.

Right, I must get on and do some stuff - I have spent a fair bit of time today trying to organise a free and inventive birthday present for Neil's birthday on Sunday. It's one of my more ridiculous ideas and i'll tell you more about it when it's not a secret!!!!!


  1. Life just takes over from blogging sometimes, doesn't it?
    Good to hear news of your progress...and shame on the six backsliders...

  2. It certainly does Helen - hope all is well in sunny Costa Rica xx

  3. I know the feeling, there are just not enough hours in the days to do all you want!! Glad to read your update though and the workshop is looking good.
    The musical ride will be fine even if a few less.
    Please wish Neil a Happy Birthday on Sunday from us. Diane

  4. I will do, thanks very much Diane xx

  5. The stonework is going to look fabulous when it's finished.

  6. Thank you Jan - Keith is an expert on stonework - we are so lucky to know him!!

  7. Just to let you know that I have been inspired to have a go at covering any future DIY animal housing with a stone cladding, as in your photo! NOT that the stonework will look anything like yours does, but it will look better than grey block brick. We have stones in abundance here, so I am definitely going to have a go. Can't be any harder than crocheting a cardi!

  8. Crocheting a cardi? now that really takes skill and infinately more patience than I will ever have!!!


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