Saturday, 5 November 2011

Today is a bit of a drizzly day here in the Limousin. We had some fantastic weather at the end of October though and it was difficult to believe we are heading towards the end of the year.

The yearly cider fete in the nearby village of Champagnac La Riviere was on a lovely sunny day, they have a massive apple press which is a spectacle in itself

We arrived just as the lunch was finishing, and saw the marquee with the diners being serenaded by a very loud walking band. A good time seemed to be having had by all!!

The following week we headed off down to the South of France to spend a weekend with some cousins who live in viewing distance of the Pyrenees - which looked particularly spectacular with their dusting of snow. I tried to take some photos, but we really weren't close enough to get a decent picture. We were sort of celebrating our anniversary and were spoilt rotten by Robert and Valerie who treated us with champagne and some home produced fois gras.
Here however is Neil having breakfast on their terrace in the sunshine enjoying a good old fry up before having a go at fishing on their lake...

he didn't catch anything but it really didn't matter!!

Now thoughts are turning to Christmas. The geese are looking a reasonable size, and one was sealing it's fate yesterday by running up towards me looking vicious and attacking my boot. They don't half make a racket, and they give our neighbours chasse dogs a run for their money.

Neil has made a fantastic oak front door for some friends and has been run off his feet catching up with all the work that has been piling up whilst he has been busy building the workshop. He is desperate to carry on with the renovation here, but as his list of paid work mounts up getting our own stuff done seems less and less likely. I guess we should just be happy that at least we are making a living, but it is a bit frustrating seeing every body elses' places getting completed whilst ours is so far off being done.

With longer hours at work my time with the Fresians is somewhat limited at the moment too - they are all getting really unfit and hairy!! (like all of us here in the country!!!) Still, we are now getting into log fire and mulled wine season - so it isn't too bad!!


  1. Great to hear that you are both busy and that Neil is getting lots of paid work. I agree frustrating for you waiting for your own place to be done but I am sure it will happen.

    Good that you managed to have some time off and a break and Happy Anniversary.

    Wish I was just a little closer I would so love to help with the Fresians!!
    Take care Diane xx

  2. I've just got in from a lovely ride through the woods, the rain held off a bit and it was nice to blow the cobwebs away - shame you are not closer - Dutch bird is always looking for willing riders!!

  3. What's the old saying...it's always the cobbler's children who have no shoes?

  4. I know someone (now divorced) who used to anonymously phone her carpenter husband to book an appointment to get stuff done on her own house!

  5. Like us too, Roz. Working hard doing other things, not enough time to keep the smallholding efficiently going, and the house....well the builder has to come and do that and he is busy doing other things! Ah well. We aren't progressing very fast either. Patience, I think, is a hard won lesson here!

  6. Your place is looking fantastic Vera, you're right about the patience - I must be sounding like a broken record talking about our renovation!!


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