Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sorry everyone!

I apologise for the lack of blogging - I was running out of things to say about the house renovation - so I guess I took a bit of a break.... Things are changing big time, not only with the house but also with myself and Neil. At the end of last year I was feeling a bit rubbish, saw the doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Finally we decided it was time to lose weight and look after ourselves a bit better. Since then we have both shed lots of weight, and are now regularly running on a treadmill in the barn!! Appie, I'm sure will be grateful for my weight loss when he finally gets to be broken in. He is a growing lad and is maturing into a lovely boy. I'm also riding at work now, and the above photo was taken on the racecourse in the village of Pompadour - what a treat to ride in such a fantastic location. Here at some photos of the house - which now has electricity upstairs - hurrah!!
Bedroom 3 - look a door and everything - ok, we have not finished plastering but then we had some guests and had to put them somewhere.....
Bedroom 2, ok more to do here but it has walls!!!!
Not a bedroom at all - just a storage area, but then our guests weren't fussy and didn't mind sleeping in a cupboard!
My lovely hubby (and Tess of course) isn't he slim!!!!


  1. I am so happy to hear from you, I was really starting to get worried. I thought that you had faded away and it seems like I was almost right LOL. You are both looking good with the weight loss and yes I agree I am sure that Appie is going to be happy about it :)

    The work on the house is looking really good, you have done so much.

    Keep up the good work, both with the house and the diet. Since Nigel has retired we have also both put on some weight, we are back to cycling again so I hope this solves the problem!

    Take care and keep well Diane xx

  2. Changes...and all for the good, too!
    Haven't things progressed...and aren't you enjoying life.

  3. yes, guys we are feeling good!! still got a way to go (with everything) though!!!xx

  4. Both you and your hubby are looking real good and so is you home. Sure is mice to see thing starting to come together and looking so good. Have a great week and hope you home is finished soon.


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