Sunday, 15 July 2012

Warm for winter?

Neil is busy in the barn insulating the wall so that we can get some plasterboard up. It's supposed to be summer, and although we haven't had the dreadful weather the UK have been experiencing, it is much chillier than normal so we are thinking ahead to winter and hoping that for the first year ever we will be fully protected from the elements.
Exciting development of the week is that we have ordered some bifolding doors for the big opening in the photo above. These doors fold right back onto one wall, so that when they are open you still have the impression of a big open space.
The space above the beam in the photo above will be a large glass single panel, which will be a ground level window for the front bedroom. Notice the instrument of torture in the front of the picture - it is partly responsible for turning my husband into the 'slim jim' you see in the picture below
He is standing on a step in this photo - we do have slightly more head room than it looks!!


  1. Looks like you have done so much work, I need to visit again to see what you have been up to.

    The weather is ridiculous I have all my winter clothes out again!! Keep well Diane

  2. Like Maurice Chevalier...'Yes, I remember it well....'
    All too well!

  3. yes, it is really coming on - I am hoping that Tess's water bowl may stay ice free this winter.... you never know!!!

  4. It's all coming on, and winter is still a few months away yet!

  5. Amazing how fast it comes each year though Jan - hope you are well xx


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