Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Back on line

The technician finally came out today and we have a phone and internet again thank goodness.
My parents left today after a lovely few days (the windows and garden look much better - thanks Mum!!)
I am off for a hen do in London tomorrow, but will be back to more regular blogs next week. In the meantime here is something I wrote a week ago. Still can't quite believe it.

The longest Day.

Neil greeted me from work, calling me into the garden with an expression on his face I could not read.
“Oh no,” I thought, and wondered if the horses had eaten the cable that goes from the satellite dish or something.
He pulled me to him and held me and said “It’s Tam, I’m so sorry, but he has been killed on the road”..
I crumbled.
I always thought I was more a dog person, but there was something about that little cat and his rescue that had attached him so firmly to my heart that I had dreaded anything happening to him.
Despite all his health issues he had taken all his injections, drops and medication without ever complaining, he had not once used his claws or done anything other than purred within seconds of being touched.
He had forged an amazing bond with our dog Tess, and become a strong adventurous cat I was so proud of.
Too adventurous it seems.
I am devastated. Neil, Tess and I will miss that little fella and he has left a huge hole in our household.
So Midsummers day truly was the longest day.


  1. Roz so pleased to have you back, but not with news like that. I am soooo sad for you, again, reading your post I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. So sorry. Diane

    Enjoy the trip to London though and try to forget for a short time.

  2. Poor little chap...he was such a fighter.
    So sorry for him...and you.

  3. Jesus Roz, that is awful. We're so sorry. As you know I dislike cats in general but I loved Tam. So playful and lovely with eyes that were alive to the possibilities of life. We'll see you when you get back...

    Al n Mel

  4. Hope you enjoy your trip, and that your spirits feel recharged after being in the company of friends.

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  6. I'm so sorry to hear that news, and am sending you hugs.


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