Wednesday, 2 June 2010

fox spot

I actually saw a fox yesterday walking along our top fenceline. I tried to send Tess out to chase it off, but it was raining so she would 'rather stay inside if it's all the same ta'.
A quick head count showed no fatalities thank goodness.

I had a check with my local doctor yesterday for my high blood pressure, but it was fine last night, and the doctor was more interested in telling me how upset she was that she was retiring and there is no doctor to take over from her.
She did tell me to cut down on my intake of salt, so I grassed Neil up, as he loves to cook and adds salt before he even tastes anything. I was also warned off salty aperitifs, gassy drinks, cheese and jambon blanc.

I was supposed to be having a tetanus booster, but for some reason she has given me a prescription to come back for that another time, so thats another two hours in the waiting room then.


  1. I think the hours in the waiting room are to give you the chance to catch something else....

  2. I also have to watch my blood pressure, we have not cooked with salt for years, we just add extra herbs. Cheese I cannot do without......

    Hope the fox stays away.

  3. You're right Helen, talk about keeping yourself in business!
    Diane - we do live in the land of cheese - what do they expect!

  4. Perhaps the doctor finds you easy to talk to, so that's why you have to make a return visit, do she can off load her woes? Just a thought. From reading your blog, I think you are a person who people would want to talk to.

  5. Thanks Vera, I don't know about that but, looking at the paperwork I think that I have to go to the chemist and get the tetanus injection, so maybe that is why she couldn't do it there and then. How strange.

  6. You have to go and collect vaccination drugs yourself from the pharmacy here too, I suppose they'd go out of date if they kept them in the surgery. I have high blood pressure, so maybe I need to stop eating peanuts... although I'd be better off stopping smoking and drinking red wine :-(

  7. You only live once Jan - You might as well enjoy it!!xx


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