Saturday, 19 June 2010

I have gone very quiet - not for bloggers block - but because a storm has fried our phone line, so I have no internet or phone.
Janes' second foal was born fit and well thank goodness - I will be back when France Telecom gets their arse into gear and sorts us out!!!


  1. I was getting quite worried about you, I am glad to know you are safe and well. So pleased that the second foal was born good and healthy. Diane

  2. Glad the second foal was fine...so, waiting for France Telecom...see you about Christmas, then?

  3. I'm glad about the other foal.

  4. Thank goodness you let us know what had happened to you, only I was quite concerned in case anything untoward had happened. Mind you, having your phone line fried is desperate enough. We switch off our connections when a storm hits because one of our friends had his PC terminally hit when a lightening bolt struck his line. Hope your phone line gets sorted soon. love and best wishes.x


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