Sunday, 24 October 2010

Anniversary trip

It seemed like we hadn't had a moment to stop and relax for ages, what with work, animals and visitors so I took advantage of my parents offer to house sit and booked a few days away in the Perigord Pourpre region of France for our wedding anniversary.
I fancied getting away somewhere luxurious (with at least a staircase and central heating) so that Neil (and I) could at last take some time out and relax.

I found wonderful chambres d'hôtes called the Coteau de Belpech in the town of Beaumont Du Perigord (www.coteau-pelpech.com) where we were met by the owners Isabelle & Alain Le Coz, a French couple who had restored their eleventh century chapel beautifully.

The region has lovely countryside and lots of historic chateaux and cathedrals (mostly built by us Brits) and plenty of vineyards scattered around producing some lovely Bergerac wine.

Our room

One of the 360 degree views at the Coteau de Belpech

The converted chapel and buildings

The Mairie at the bastide town of Monpazier

This is Neil tasting some wine at the Chateau la Renaudie, just outside of Bergerac

In the town of Beaumont du Perigord we found the most amazing Quincaillerie (hardware) store, it was absolutely massive and stocked with the most bizzare items - apparently people come from Paris just to visit the store

So now it is back to work and back to reality. The break just wasn't long enough really- but then they never are!!


  1. Happy Anniversary. Love that fantastic view, but all the photos are excellent. I would love to go to that quincaillerie, it look really exciting. Love shops like that:-) Diane

  2. It looks wonderful and I'm so glad you enjoyed your break...otherwise things risk getting overwhelming!
    Happy anniversary and many more!

  3. thank you both! we had a wonderful time and I hope you are ok in Blighty Diane xx

  4. The hotel looks fabulous, and I'd love to visit that shop. I've always been fascinated by hardware stores and their special smell!

  5. Happy belated anniversary, and hope your batteries have been recharged. That shop looks like a heavenly place, one in which one could spend joyous moments having a rummage around, but leave the purse at home or go with a restricted budget!

    Re: Acorns and piggies. Our pigs have eaten tons and are OK, although Tess did seem to have a quiet day or two a couple of weeks ago. But OK now. Hope yours has recovered.

  6. They were recharged Vera but I don't think it will be long before they are running low again!!
    Pigs are fine now - just way too quiet for a couple of days.
    The shop was amazing - absolutely huge and selling anything from a mousetrap to a gun to a kids toy. Worrying really!!!


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