Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Here for Helen and anyone else who may be interested is a picture of the new pig run - followed by a photo of the residents inspecting the stream

Today my dutch friend Nicoline who owns the fresian horses bought a selection down to my place to be blood tested and microchipped. Here she is with the vet and the latest born foal Amy

It is lovely to have some horses back in the field and we now have 3 mares and one foal in the field, so I will be riding once again now we have weaned these two foals.

Lastly here is a photo of her 3 year old fresian stallion. Gorgeous isn't he?!


  1. Thank you Roz!

    That is indeed a porky palace and the two of them, trotters on the edge of the stream, make a super picture.

    As for the Friesians....I know I can't have a horse again, but I damn well wish I could.
    They are just super.

  2. Thanks Helen, they really are. I am a lucky girl - and congrats on your well deserved award xx

  3. Not sure what I am doing at the computer - I have so much to do!!! The pig run looks fantastic and I just love that stallion. How high is he? Diane

  4. He's about 15.2 hands I should think. You are probably de-stressing at the computer - it's a nightmare packing!!xx

  5. Still de-stressing!! I though he looked a lot bigger than 15.2 The gate is obviously not as big as it looks. I am surprised. Diane


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