Monday, 4 October 2010

Winning friends and Influencing People

I was blissfully unaware of this mornings events until we turned up at the local bar for the bi-weekly fish and chip event ce soir.

It appears that after I had left for work this morning our dutch friend (who is married to a local french farmer) popped in to give us some cheese samples that she had made. It being in the fairly early hours of this morning she was greeted by Neil, naked as he normally is at that time of the day.

Nakedness is not something that sits awkwardly with my husband so he offered her a cup of coffee, at which point he heard another car pull up outside.
Assuming it was a pal of ours (who is also used to Neils nakedness) Neil walked outside to tell the pal that he would just get changed before he made him a coffee too.
Unfortunately the visitor turned out to be our dutch friends husband - who took in Neils nakedness before calling for his wife - who very nonchalantly called out -"Oui?!".

Luckily however curious our french friend is about his wife being with a naked Englishman, our dutch friend thinks the whole thing is hilarious. I am a bit concerned he may turn up with a shotgun to defend his wifes honour though.
At the very least though, I think it will spread around the village like wildfire that should anyone be stupid enough to visit us, they are likely to be met by an english naked man.

Should save us a fortune in coffee....


  1. LOL, LOL, I love it, I will be over for coffee soon. Diane :-)

  2. ok Diane - don't get too excited!! ;) xx

  3. We could make up a coach party....as long as we agree to bring our own coffee.

  4. Do you think there is a market for naked coffee makers in France? I could hire him out!!!!!

  5. Just make sure he is registered as an auto entrepeneur first....or he could start a trend for naked prisoners being hauled into court for fraud against the French State...despite his pleas that he has revealed all...

  6. He is already an auto entrepeneur - and I think his job title roughly translates to 'male slave', so really there should be no need for a change in description!!!


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