Sunday, 16 January 2011

And this little piggy.......

I'm waiting for Keith and Margaret (co pig owners) to come over to help move the pigs from their riverside (ok tiny stream) paddock up into one of the stables so that it will hopefully be easier to get them in a trailer and off to the abbatoire on Tuesday.
Neil and I have come up with a plan and have devised a walkway of electric fencing with buckets en-route to put food in to entice them up the hill. I've also put headcollars on the horses so that I can tie them up to stop them coming over and mucking up the plan. I have no idea how it's going to go but I know they are hungry as we have not given them any breakfast. Watch this space for the next thrilling installment!!


  1. They have to go the abbatoire happy and relaxed, don't forget their last breakfast :( Diane

  2. Ohhh, it's this bit I'm not looking forward to Diane :0(


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