Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hot stuff

We have two young stallions at work. The younger one is two years old and currently being a bit of a sod to handle. A local man has told us that an old french trick is to heat up a jacket spud to boiling point and when the horse lunges for you with teeth bared - ram it in his mouth.
As previously our only form of protection was our voice and occasionally a whip we did consider this but were having a hard time coming to terms with the possibility of causing physical damage.
The other stallion who is three now is a nicer character, but still has his moments. His favourite trick is to grab the lead rope or lunge line so that your control is considerably lessened. Opening the fridge yesterday I noticed a tube of harrisa (chilli) paste sitting on the shelf and this bought a wicked smile to my face.
I went back to work and smothered the lunge line (a long rope used when you exercise a horse) with the paste. As usual he grabbed the line briefly before spitting it out and pulling a variety of odd faces.
Every so often he obviously forgot and went to grab the line before remembering and dropping it (like a hot potato?!!!)
I did feel marginally guilty when he got back in his box and started drinking like he had had a vindaloo.......


  1. What a brilliant idea, wish I had of thought of that when I used to work in the racing stud in good old Rhodesian days. Certainly do not even feel slightly guilty :) Diane

  2. Well you could at least have given him the traditional British fifteen pints of lager before he got his teeth into the vindaloo!

    I used to find that a strong smell like wintergreen would ward off silly behaviour on the part of young stock feeling their feet...mark you, it would ward off any and everything else as well!

  3. Do you have any video footage of the horse discovering chilli? Please say yes!

  4. Sorry no video Alan - it was funny though!
    I didn't know you were into racing Diane and I am going to have to google wintergreen Helen, I've never heard of it - and I have to admit he seems to be developing a taste for the chilli paste dammit. I'll get onto google right now!!!

  5. Oh goodness this made me roar with laughter! What a sight it must have been.


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