Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year to You!!

I'm not sure where that festive season went but I did enjoy it. After my trip back to the UK I was straight back to work and had hardly any time to think about Christmas, let alone prepare for it... apologies to those that sent us cards and didn't get one in return - Neil has agreed to write a long letter about our goings on and post it to people in a happy new year card, which we hope will make up in some way for our lack of organisation.

Christmas Eve was slightly bizzare. One of the fresian horses here was taking santa up to the local bar to hand out presents to the local children. So I was outside the front of the house helping to dress up the cart when Santa turned up in an estate car. He turned out to be a drummer so he had a go on Neils drum kit whilst we got the horse ready to go. Needless to say it all ended up in a bit of a session which made us feel a little bit more part of the village.

On Christmas day the three of us that work at the stud all went in so that we could get the stables done quickly, wearing santa hats, reindeer horns and singing along to Christmas songs. Then we were joined by our respective other halves for a mince pie and mulled wine session with our bosses, followed by a dog walk around the fields. Snow had fallen on Christmas Eve, so it felt lovely and Christmassy.

We then went round to Margaret and Keiths where we enjoyed several bucks fizzes before sitting down to a fantastic Christmas spread. Keith as you can see fully got into the spirit of the day

So now we are into the New Year - Once again our aim for this year is to push on with our house, hopefully before too long we will have a garage/workshop and so will free our barn up to be the lounge at last. Watch this space!!


  1. A Happy New Year to you two as well. May it be a healthy and wealthy 2011. Cheers Diane

  2. Thanks Diane - you too! When do you think you will be coming home?xx

  3. Happy New Year!
    I've start transferring your blog on Google translate for friends here who find your life fascinating.

    If only I could persuade them to do a blog, I think you would find it likewise.

  4. Wishing you both a happy and joyous 2011.

  5. Thank you Vera and the same to you - I must get around to catching up on everybodys blogs and find out how your lambs are getting on!
    Helen - wow! thanks, it never ceases to amaze me that people want to read this stuff but I would absolutely love to read how life is lived in Costa Rica xx

  6. Hi Roz and Happy New Year to you. Hope it's a good one. I'm glad I've found your new blog address. I've started a new one a www.therivercottagediaries.blogspot.com so hope to see you over there sometime.

  7. I'll tell you what...trying to explain reindeer hats, drum kits and friesian horses is doing my Spanish a world of good...and giving us all a lot of laughs as I blunder along.
    Wait till I pull up the post about the bathtub rides...

  8. I did have a chuckle to myself when I posted todays blog wondering how on earth you could even begin to translate the story of the pompiers - bon chance!!xx


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