Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pompadour and the National Stud

Today there was a showing of stallions by the National Stud at Pompadour. I had never been to the stud (Haras) before, so I was keen to see Tom being shown and to have a look around the buildings in this lovely French town.
The first picture is of Tom and two other stallions in the menage (arena) which is surrounded by huge stabling blocks.

This area looks even more impressive viewed from the other side

This is just one of the many huge stabling blocks. I wouldn't want to be sweeping these cobbles every day!!

This is Pompadour chateau, which dominates the lovely ancient town

This is Tom being shown. The handler must be very tall as Tom is quite big and looks like a pony here!

Tom again

The photo above is the dummy horse that they use to collect semen from the stallions when they are using the artificial insemination system. It doesn't look very inviting does it? Neil thinks it should have a head and some lipstick, but I am assured it does the job and Tom never has a problem using it!!


  1. Roz, I am so jealous, I would love to see this stud and those stables are just fantastic. When I see something like this I realise how much I miss my horses that were part of my life for at least 35 years. Did you see the story of the two horses that were electrocuted in the ring at the Newbury race course? A truly terrible thing to have happened. Diane

  2. Dreadful wasn't it? Heartbreaking to lose horses in such terrible circumstances.
    Apparently in the summer if you stand at the stud gates every 20 mins or so they will take people around and give them a tour of the stud. Worth it I'm sure and they have floodlit evening events too - a bit of a trek for you from the Charente but it sounds fab xxx

  3. You know I'mm putting this on Google translate for friends here?

    It's a horse mad area and they loved Tom so all was going well until we got to the last pic...
    My Spanish vocabulary in the limited sector of insemination, artificial or otherwise, has just increased in what I hesitate to call leaps and bounds!

  4. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you are explaining that one and I am glad that your friends are enjoying the tales of the stud - we are expecting 5 foals in April so I'm sure there will be loads of photos to coo over, two of them will be the offspring of Tom so I can't wait for that xx

  5. beautiful buildings but I could done withless of the semen

  6. I'm no horse person but the pics made me long to be back over there. Roll on Easter hols.
    We usually go to the big open weekend in the summer.
    Wonderful to see all the different disciplines and magnificent beasts - and all free entry too.
    Thanks for the memories.

  7. Its lovely isn't it - and thanks for your comment - had a quick look at your page - I had a wonderful meal tat Segur le Chateau last year on the way to the races at Pompadour - when I get a chance I will have a proper look at your site x


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