Sunday, 6 February 2011

We don't get out much in these parts - so the chance to go to Ikea in a massive horsebox was a source of great excitement for us Limousin girls.

After a busy morning sorting out all the horses nine of us laden with coffee flasks, sandwiches, crisps, cake and a few bottles of wine for the way home climbed into the hgv horsebox full of anticipation for the day ahead in Bordeaux.

The excitement lasted approximately five minutes before the clutch in the lorry went, and we ended up piling into two cars, with considerably less cargo space for purchases.
It did cross our minds that one of our other halves might have sabotaged the clutch cable to restrict our spending power!

A good time was had by all though, and the journey passed so much quicker than it would have done in the lorry we even had time to stop for a chinese on the way home.

Back home Neil has started work on his workshop, which will free up the barn to at last become a lounge. I can't wait for him to have a purpose built space, and he can't wait to be able to have the space to work without incumberance.

Today we started learning a musical ride with the horses. We are due to give a 'show' in September at a local fete of the horse - all I am saying at the moment is it is just as well we are starting to learn it now, as it is all very confusing at the moment, but we have lots of time.

In the garden the first snowdrops have appeared, signalling that Spring is on its way, and as soon as I can find my camera cable I will upload some pics to show you!!


  1. I hope you hadn't been hoping to buy anything large. I love IKEA, and could quite happly go bankrupt buying absolutely everything!

  2. What I really wanted was a rug that has been in Ikea for years, but now has mysteriously been taken off the shelves. bah. I love ikea too!

  3. Musical rides bring back memories of my riding school in what was then Rhodesia. We used to have an annual horse show and we always had a musical ride in very smart uniforms. I must see if I can find a photo somewhere! We used to work with 16 riders and I do not remember any hiccups on the day.

    I have never been into an Ikea and as the closest one is Bordeaux I probably will never get to see one :( Diane

  4. you will have to come with us one day Diane xxx

  5. I love Ikea too, but Toulouse is our nearest, so not likely to go there any time soon. Good thing really, as would probably get seduced into spending too much money!
    Wow! A musical horse ride! Now that does sound fun, so good luck with that.
    And I bet you are excited about getting on with your house. We don't know whether to focus on a bathroom and bedroom, or spend the money, while we have it, on getting the last roof done. Probably the roof - Lester will need a work space as well when we get put accomodation in the Tall Barn. Lots going of for both you and us!
    PS. Would also like to learn to ride, but probably not in this life-time! x

  6. I hope you get to Ikea AND onto the back of a horse - both enjoyable experiences as long as you have the time and money!!
    Its nice to get some stuff done on the house, its always a juggle (the time and money problem again!), its just good when you can see things progressing. Rooves are a definate necessity though arent they, although I think you have been roughing it with your bathing facilities for long enough!!! We'll get there in the end and won't we appreciate it :0)


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