Sunday, 27 February 2011

Today Ian our welding friend and good old Keith kindly came over and helped us put our polytunnel up. Neil is already getting exited thinking about what we will be able to grow in it!

Lenny has developed a fascination for a rather unusual drinking bowl. I really wish he wouldn't - he hears the 'flush' and dashes in!!

The workshop is progressing well despite the frequent inclement weather - Neil looks happy doesn't he!!


  1. Lots of progrss going on :) I like the polytunnel. We have bought a green house but we have to work out how to put it together!! As for Lenny I have seen several cats with the same habit :( As for the cake/loaf I would make it again, but next time I think I would plan on it for tea rather than lunch. Take care Diane xx

  2. We are hoping that the polytunnel will help us grow some fantastic peppers, chillis etc etc etc. Thats if we ever get the time!!

  3. We had a polytunnel and it gave us an advance of weeks with crops.

    Here, we have different problems...in the rainy season the alternate sun and rain are ideal for problems with the tomatoes so we're going to copy local practice....supports for lines of tough plastic above each row so that air can circulate while the fruit is covered.

    The dog has developed a habit similar to that of Lenny...can be alarming for visitors as they emerge from the loo to find a large eager alsatian dashing in...

  4. I see people around here using that tomato technique too - for me it's all a giant learning curve..

    I'd love to see the alsation perhaps not when diving into the toilet though!!


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