Monday, 30 May 2011


Well thank you Jason and the girls for looking after the place in our absence, we did think we may have made a slight error of judgement when having left Limoges in blazing sunshine we could only see the runway of Bristol seconds before we landed on it, and descended the steps of the aircraft in horizonal rainfall. 'Thats it!!!' said Neil 'We are only visiting Wales in the winter from now on!!'

He doesn't mean it. The Brecon Beacons are a wonderful place to be in the summer, and contrary to what everyone says, it doesn't always rain in Wales. Just a lot of the time. So we did the only sensible thing you can do when it rains in Wales. We went to a pub.

Here is Neil with Mum and Dad outside one of the many pubs we visited. This one had won the CAMRA pub of the region award and hence was handing out free pints of real ale.

We also visited one of my favourite places - an architectural salvage yard.
I could spend hours (and several thousands of pounds) here had I the time and the money available

We did manage to spend some time out and about walking though, here is a picture of my niece Megan taking a stroll with us

Lovely as it was in Wales visiting family and friends it's always nice to come home. We had a lovely welcome from Tess and luckily the weather was still wonderfully hot. here is Neil in his role as chief pool cleaner!!


  1. Glad you are home. I want to go to the architectural salvage yard.
    I am here in the UK cold and windy!! Had a terrible ferry crossing very rough!
    If all goes as planned I will be back in France on Friday :-)) Diane

  2. Glad you had a lovely time seeing your folks. You have been missed!

  3. Not so much of the pool cleaning Neil.... get on and finish that roof!!!! (In any event, you know what Rozzy thinks about cleaning!!)

  4. It sounds as though you had a lovely time. Apologies because I've got sooooooo out of touch and behind with everyones blogs, but will try to do better!

  5. Well..the nude whisky drinking made me realise we had been missing out on a lot in France....obviously we went away when things were just starting to pick up....
    Beware the salvage yard near Poitiers...supposed to be open only on weekends...but on Sunday the boss doesn't work...and neither do the assistants!


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