Thursday, 22 December 2011

First floor for Christmas

He's only gone and done it!! My lovely husband has managed to get the oak flooring down and we no longer have to risk life and limb walking from one end of the house to the other. It looks great, and now we can start building some rooms and insulating the house properly.

My boss treated all of us and our partners to the bar for fish and chips for a Christmas treat. I was feeling sorry for Tess as she had spent a bit of time on her own that day, so I wrapped her collar with tinsel and took her along. The fish fryers were so taken with her festive look they cooked her sausage and chips as a free treat - which didn't touch the sides!!!

Off to work now so will add more about the floor soon - Happy Christmas everyone!!!


  1. So now you can start the New Year with a solid foundation!
    Have a great time!

  2. Maybe Neil will take carpentry courses so I can learn how to do the floor here :)) It looks great.
    Tess did good with her dinner.
    Have a great time over the holidays. I guess though you are working as animals do not take time out!! Diane

  3. Floor looks lovely Roz. Lester often reads your blog and always comes away from it enthused about having a go himself! Blessings to you both for the New Year, and hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  4. Thank you ladies - I will pass on your comments to Neil. I should have been off on Christmas day, but we are all going in so that we can get everything done quickly and then everyone can relax and enjoy the day - that's the plan anyway!!
    Happy Christmas to you both - I hope you have a wonderful day xx


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