Sunday, 11 December 2011

Getting Christmassy

This is my friend Rosie - I dragged her into the woods yesterday to collect lots of green stuff to make some Christmas decorations. I like just using the stuff that grows around us here

Neil is very excited as we are starting to get our first floor laid. He even muttered the words "light" and "end of tunnel". Just to be able to walk across the first floor without risk of death by falling through gaps will be an enormous improvement!

This afternoon we are off to choose a Christmas tree. Last year it started snowing just as we were driving over and it really added to the occasion. No sign of snow yet and I'll just be happy to stay dry!!


  1. I just do not feel Chrismassy this year and to add to my woes yesterday I came out in a rash all over my body, thankfully it has not spread to my face!! No idea what it is, hope it is nothing serious, can only see the Dr tomorrow evening.

    That floor looks fantastic but me thinks you will have to watch your head on those beams. Now I wish I had done a course on carpentry like Neil did! I could finish off the three rooms upstairs as I really need the space.

    Maybe I should put some Christmas decorations up, perhaps it will bring a smile to my face!! Oh by the way we have now got a French number plate on our car, we have managed to get something done. Take care Diane

  2. Oh dear - I hope the rash disappears soon. Well done on getting the car registered - it's a nice feeling when that is achieved!
    Go on, get those decorations up - twinkly lights and a bit of tinsel never fails to cheer me up!!

  3. Christmas arrived here about a week ago. Lights, decorations, nativity scenes in the banks and public buildings...and the lady who mucks us out has put up a special effort.
    My mother was given a Santa Claus loo seat cover which she promptly passed on to me, who equally promptly passed it on to this lady.
    It now has pride of place on her front door and I'm saying nothing!

  4. Fantastic to see the floorboards going down. Making real progress. Well done!! xx

  5. I'd love to see a photo of that doorway Helen - it must be obvious what it is surely!!!!I must have a catch up of your Costa Rica blog x

    Thanks Mum - well done for driving all that way - we are very proud!!!

  6. Is that Out new bedroom you are building - space for the window cleaner etc

  7. Dad you know you always get our bedroom with the en-suite!!!


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