Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I hope you like the photo above. Somehow a random Limousin cow appeared in the field and the photo is of my colt, Appie, treating it with some suspicion!!

This is Tom the stallion wearing our new all singing, all dancing rug which sends out electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles along the back. Could do with one myself. It also has a 'warm up' facility. These horses get treated better than us!!!!

Here - dah dah!! is a photo of the first thing to be made in the workshop - a lovely oak door for some people we know. I'm very jealous!! Hope you like it.


  1. Common disbelief, isn't it!
    And like you i'd have loved that rug when I lived in France!

    Super door, too.

    Do you ever get time to sit down and think how far you've progressed in such a short time?
    Hats off to the pair of you.

  2. Thanks Helen, we don't appreciate enough how far we have come. Probably because we still have such a long way to go!!! Slowly we are getting there though xxx

  3. We never had rugs like that for our horses, things have changed somewhat over the years!

    Well done Neil that door looks fantastic.

    Love that header photo, Appie looks like he grown since I saw him.

    Helen is so right you have done so much, but there is always more to do it seems. Diane

  4. He really has grown Diane, about 15 hands already, I hope he doesn't grow too huge - I won't be able to get on without step ladders!!!!
    Glad you both like the door - it's lovely to tell Neil it's appreciated xx


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