Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you - and here the New Year has bought a new spurt of activity. Jason has somehow encouraged some good friends of his to come over for a working party next month, one of whom is an expert in heating, so the race is on to build the stud work for the upstairs rooms so that we can have a chance of getting our heating installed.

Here are some pictures of the bathroom being built. Do you really think I have a chance of having a bath this year?

Well in any case it is fantastic seeing more progress. Neil always said once our first floor was in he would be able to make great strides. The weather is abysmal at the moment so at least he is warm and dry working on the house. Unlike myself, getting soaked on a regular basis and yesterday getting pushed over into the mud by a very large horse. Occupational hazard I guess!!!


  1. Happy New Year to you as well. I may come over to you for a bath..... we have a choice of two showers which are just fine, but occasionally I feel like a soak.
    I cannot get on to the Fr health system, long story, but the UK Pensions will not issue me with an S1. When I have time will send you an email. Keep well and stay out of the mud :) Diane

  2. From my experience Neil's right...things speed up alarmingly once you have a floor in place...something to anchor things to!

    We're just starting on the house in San Jose....

  3. I wouldn't pack your towel just yet Diane - I have been waiting four years so far!!
    Surely there must be a way of you getting in the system - do you know anyone who can help with matters like that?
    Please lets see some pics Helen - will check out your blog xxx

  4. Wahooo! You'll be getting a bath before we get our shower sorted! And Mud! Lovely mucky mud! Haven't fallen over in it, but has come close!

  5. Its still a way off Vera but hopefully this year!!
    At least the mud was a soft landing!!


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