Friday, 13 January 2012

Neil is working like mad and has repaired the wall above the barn door and with Keith's help has reconstructed what was a pigeon house above the barn door and made it look much more attractive.

You may be wondering why there is a spray bottle with 'no cat wee here' written on it. That was originally a concoction put together by a friend of ours, who swore that it would stop our elderly cat using the entire house as a litter tray. Although we miss our old cat Romey we don't miss that annoying little habit and the bottle is now just being used as a water spray.

The next photo is Neil insulating the ceiling. As you can see the work is going on into the night!!

Finally my good mate Judi came to visit and we had a lovely hack out on Sunday. Although Judi and I were suffering rather badly with hangovers, we were still smiling in this photograph!!


  1. Glad to see that Neil is not slacking!! Pleased you enjoyed the ride, the weather is still pretty amazing during the day so it is good that you can still get out. Good fresh air, wonderful for hangovers!!! Take care Diane

  2. I hope one day that he will be able to relax and enjoy it!!!
    Judi was lucky and had some fantastic sunny days here and you are right Diane, fresh air was just what the doctor ordered!!!


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