Sunday, 15 January 2012

La boîte de nuit du père noël

Look innocent don't they?! The little swine second in line (Baron - aged a few months) has been taking full advantage of my electric fence not working properly and escaped 3 times yesterday. Today we have replaced the energiser and even when he got zapped he just did the equine equivalent of a shrug and wandered off unpeturbed!!

I have been sanding beams this morning - what a lovely job that is!! I hate dust masks and goggles that steam up within seconds so that you can't see anything. They look fab when treated and sanded (the beams not the goggles!!).

I have been helping Neil with putting up the silver foil insulation in the house/barn upstairs.
The four year old child of Dutch Bird saw all the insulation and picked up on me calling it a 70's disco club 'Oh!' she said 'la boîte de nuit du père noël!!!' (Father Christmas's nightclub!!)


  1. Love that'la boîte de nuit du père noël' can we come and help you party LOL.
    It is hard work all that sanding. I got so sick of volets, walls and ceilings and I was always white from head to foot. And all that dust EVERYWHERE!! The end result though is great. Thankfully the main house here is finished but we still have the three rooms upstairs to do. I need the space as everything is in a complete muddle at the moment!
    Keep up the hard work, it is worth it in the end but I find there is always something that still needs doing....... Take care Diane x

  2. So even an equine has perfected the Gallic shrug...
    I now have a vision of you all prancing in your barn wearing father christmas outfits, goggles and dust masks.

  3. Dust - how much easier would life be without it?!!! I wish!

  4. I was thinking that a boîte was a box... my French is rubbish! Rather you than me with the sanding, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

  5. I hope so Jan!!! hope all is well with you xx


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