Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Some more pics for you!!

There is a tangible sense of expectation in the air - the bi-fold doors are arriving on Sunday and another burst of activity from Neil and the lovely Keith is moving things on once again. Keith is continuing with the fireplace. Great discussion has been taking place, as we hoped the beam that will sit across the fireplace would hide the silver part of the chimney, but that would make the beam a bit too close to the woodburner from a fire hazard point of view. So we may end up spraying it black to blend in as much as possible.
Keith is cutting stones here - he is amazingly skilled at stonework
Neil doing some of the last fiddly bits of plasterboarding
More of Keiths pointing!!


  1. Wow things are really looking up, you are going to have the best winter ever this coming one. It looks fantastic. Tell Neil and Keith I am impressed. Hope all is OK with you. Take care. Diane

  2. Things are galloping ahead....I'm so pleased how everything has turned out so well for you both.

  3. Awesome photos, glad things are getting done on your home. The stone work looks wonderful.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments - it's fantastic to have made such progress.

    Hope you are all well xx


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