Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pig in Poo!!

Hurrah for progress - here is the fireplace which I absolutely love - we hope it kind of looks like it was always there (apart from the central heating pipes!!) Keith has built an absolute work of art in my humble opinion!!
Next the barn doors - in at last - I am so chuffed with them...
And here is Neil - enjoying a very well deserved glass of vino!!


  1. The Renovations look absolutely awesome. Well done Neil.

  2. That fireplace looks superb...and the doors aren't bad either!
    Well done the chaps!
    Bet you're almost looking forward to winter now...

  3. Roz it all looks fantastic. That slimline Neil looks good to me as well. Cheers :-) Diane

  4. Thanks everyone - yes - bring on winter!! log fires, twinkly Christmas lights, mulled wine yay!!


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