Friday, 3 August 2012

A Stick Insect with a Stick insect!!!!

Neil spotted this fella clinging on to the front door this afternoon. See below the video of the old beam being put in position - the addition of a fireplace is really turning the space into a 'room', and we can't thank Keith enough for his expertise in his stone work. Have I mentioned that the doors arrive on Sunday? (!!!) We were discussing how much of a difference having a lounge will make to us in terms of living space. Everything crammed into what will one day be our kitchen has not made life easy. Having extra space to store things will be fantastic and I can't wait - we might even get to be organised one day!! It's amazing what a boost getting some stuff done gives you!!!


  1. Must be the year for stick insects. I have not seen one since we bought here in 2005 and I have seen two this year!! Did you get my FB message? Diane

  2. Interesting little creature, Didn't think you had them in France. Hope you let him/her go to live out it's life.

  3. It was amazing!! Neil took it somewhere hopefully safe to carry on its life away from the ducks!!!


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