Monday, 31 May 2010

Médecine du Travail

Today I had an appointment with the Médecine du Travail. It all seemed a bit officious, with a letter that demanded I attend for a medical examination (it is obligatory in France if you are employed) and telling me to bring a sample of my urine, my glasses and all information on vaccinations and medical history.

I had thought about going to the chemist to get a sample bottle, but in the end I couldn't be bothered and ended up sticking a small olive jar in the dishwasher which I though would suffice.

The examination started with a hearing test. I had to wear headphones and push a button when I heard a buzzing noise and release it when it stopped. It was bizzare. It wasn't really like a buzz, more like what I imagine tinitus would sound like, and although it changed in volume, didn't really seem to have definate stops and starts. It seems I passed though, so I must have heard something.

Then it was a bit of a quiz about my medical history before an eye test (thank god for contact lenses) and she never even asked if I needed glasses or not. My height and weight were checked, "Faire attention!" was her only comment on my weight, which I was pretty pleased with considering I probably weigh as much as some of the horses at work, and then it was on to listening to my chest and checking my knee joints worked.

Apparently my ability to reach down and touch the floor was 'formidable' and the only things of concern were an elevated blood pressure (it always rises when I am being checked by a doctor) and the need to have an up to date tetanus vaccination. It seems cases of tetanus in France are very high and doing my job it is recommended you have a booster yearly.

It was only as I was rummaging through my bag in the supermarket I realised I still had an olive jar full of pee on me. Thank God I didn't drop it!


  1. Nor did you leave it on the shelf for an unwary shopper to pick up.....
    Our doctor says he calls high blood pressure the 'white coat syndrome'..patients only have to see a white coat and the pressure goes stratospheric.

  2. No, not in Super U - if it had been Intermarche I might have thought about it!!!!xx

  3. Crikey but that was an experience for you. Not been to the doctors yet, but Lester has. To the hospital he has also gone, and treated well in both places. As for the pee bottle: good that you remembered to attend to it and not put it in your kitchen somewhere to be disregarded over time eventually, perhaps, to be picked up in a moment of haste, opened and .............

  4. Doesn't bear thinking about does it!!

  5. I am glad that I am not employed here after hearing that. Good job you were not thirsty and thought you were carrying a cold drink with you!!!!

    I am allergic to tetanus injections so what would I have to do???

    Sounded like a fun day in all :) Diane

  6. Is the reason for yearly checks a preventative one? I didn't realise that you had this in France, but at least you passed!

  7. Diane I don't know - pray you don't get a wound or, if you do make really sure it's clean I guess.
    Jan, I don't think it's yearly - it was the first one I have had to have, and she didn't seem to think I would be seeing her again.
    My employer has to pay for healthcare for me in case of accident or injury so maybe they just want to check you are not an accident waiting to happen!!


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