Sunday, 7 November 2010

Halloween Horrors

It's been quite a week. I've been working hard, feeling rather grotty with a second hand cold left here by my parents (only joking mum) and spent the night in a body bag.

Some of our friends have an annual Halloween and firework party and every year we fail dismally to come up with an interesting outfit for the fancy dress. I kept saying to Neil that this year we needed to make an effort, and so I drove to a local town the day after Halloween hoping to scoop some post halloween bargains in Gifi.

I couldn't believe that in the space of a few hours the shop had changed from a spidery den to a Santas Grotto. I still quite can't believe that anyone in France can move that fast or that efficiently in a shop. Neil I think was quite relieved my mission had been fruitless, as someone had suggested a 'Rocky Horror' theme, and the chance to wear a minimum of clothing was appealing to his naturist side.

He drove over to Janes' house and went through her 'smalls' (another fantasy I'm sure) and came back with a bag of goodies. He put on his outfit for me, and as much as I tried to offer him some larger items that I suggested might be more flattering, he was steadfast in his resolve to wear the minimum.

This still left me with a dilema on the outfit front, but in the middle of the night whilst boiling the kettle for yet another lemsip, I suddenly remembered the body bag in the piggeries containing the garden cushions and decided to go as the walking dead.

I borrowed some horse chalk from work - used to make white markings on their legs look super white, and plastered my still reasonably tanned skin in the white powder. On the front of the body bag is a pouch to put information in, so I got Neil to take a photo of my face, whited up and with mascara scars and marks on to put in the pouch. He took a couple of photos before commenting that I didn't look very dead because although I had my eyes closed I was standing up, so we repeated the process with me lying down on the floor and I zipped myself into the bag.

Tess was giving me some very funny looks, but she positively freaked out when Jason who is staying with us walked in in his scary wolf outfit, barking and snarling whilst simultaneously backing under a table for protection .... (thats Tess not Jason!)

The party was a great success. I was very relieved that the gendarme didn't pull us over on the way to the party. A wolf, A person in a body bag and two rocky horrors (Mel, Jasons girlfriend joined in with the theme) would have made for an interesting discovery for them I am sure.


  1. One look and the gendarmerie would have fled for the hills!
    Not what they want to meet on a dark night!

  2. Maybe that would have been worth seeing!!

  3. I hope you could get your arms free for a drink!

  4. if you look closely I made a hole and in my left hand is a wine glass :0)

  5. Sorry we have had a frantic weekend and I am only just catching up! We stayed clear of Halloween and moaned we could not sleep beacause of all the fireworks:-( I know we are just miserable LOL. We were visiting family in hospital and I have been trying to get the main computer sorted out. Three times back to factory settings and now things seem to be working again!! The weather is terrrible and I wish I was having a coffee (or something stronger) with you in France:-) Diane

  6. cheap flights with Ryanair Diane ;o)

  7. Crikey but that body bag looked scary! Liked the photo of Neil in his girly gear. Hope you had a splendid time, and also liked the kitchen in the background. Is it yours?

  8. we did Vera yes, good time had by all. the kitchen is ours, we are half way through building it!


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