Saturday, 13 November 2010

When are caramalised onions burnt onions?!!

I'm making soup with a load of vegetables Keith and Margaret grew and kindly bought over. I thought caramalised onions would make a nice base, but when they were 'caramalising' keith and Mags popped over and whilst I was away from the cooker the room filled with smoke and the onions have a slightly darker than caramel hue.
I think they are ok though, so I have pressed on, but obviously if the soup is rubbish tonight they will take full blame.

The photo below is my kitchen table mid vegetable preparation. Note several different bowls - veggies for soup, compost and pig food!!

for afters I have cooked the sponge base from the 5-4-3-2-1 recipe (because it is so simple I use it for everything now!!) with toffee and pineapple that will be added later. I have purchased a tub of creme fraiche that I am assured will whip up and Voila!! pudding!!

Now some photos of progress. There hasn't been a lot of that over the summer as Neil has been working hard on paid projects for other people but here is a preview into the nearly finished utility room - ttaaaa dddaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

the first door holds a walk in larder and the second the downstairs loo

Here are two photos of the larder - mainly because I am so proud of it but also I didn't think you would be interested in a photo of a loo!!

lastly a photo of Neil working on the staircase. Fred the stair maestro has been over to give him a guiding hand so that he can get on with it, and we are hoping one day in the not too distant future we can chuck the ladder outside where it belongs!!

ps there is a main course - its a beef stew and it is sitting on the wood burner in case you were wondering........


  1. I feel like I want to get away from here at the moment!! Can I come for a meal? LOL Diane

  2. come on then!! you can teach me about onions lol!!

  3. A real larder!
    I miss mine and the current version is the corridor between the kitchen and the balcony...which would be fine if the shelving unit and I combined were the same width as the corridor.....but we're not!

  4. Oh dear, thank goodness Neil allowed generous hip room for me!!! Is this a temporary shelving unit then or will it have to do for a while?xx


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