Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Romey minus ear

Here, mostly for the benefit of Judith who is in the UK and is Romeys foster mum when we are away is a photo of her minus ear.
She was away with the fairys for most of last night and it wasnt until about 11pm I felt her safe enough to come out of the box and sit in front of the fire.

When we got back Tess and Lenny came and sat with her, keeping her company whilst she writhed around in the carry box.

Today she seems much better, and even attempted a friendly 'head butt' on the bad side of her head. I am hoping that at least she will be more comfortable now.


  1. Poor little cat....but the head butts are a good sign, aren't they?

  2. Absolutely - she only does that when she is happy :)

  3. It's nice that all your animals look like they care for each other. Hope you cat gets better soon.

  4. Not sure what happened I lost the comment!!
    Hi Roz,I hope the end result is good and the ear gets better soon.
    when I have time I will drop you an email. I am struggling to keep up with all. Nigel's aunt passed away on Monday and Nigel is executor. He has just escaped another redundancy so he is under the whip. I am trying to help where possible. The flat is a nightmare with paper work going back to year dot :-( Diane

  5. Thanks Vera it was lovely to see them being companionable, and Diane - you sound like you are having a nightmare - I hope that you can pass through this transition stage as quickly as possible and get here sooner rather than later - time does fly :0)

  6. hope shes feeling btter mate felt so sorry for her last night ! x

  7. She's much better thanks Jase - the bruising has come out now but she seems happier already. Hope you enjoyed your fish and chips (grrrr!!)xx

  8. They were awful mate didn't enjoy them at all neither did Mel !



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