Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's not like it is in England.......

Yesterday I was busy sweeping away at work when a tatty black car pulled up outside the stables. A short, rather scruffy farmer type bloke got out of the car, gave me one of the most limp handshakes ever (as is fairly typical of the french male I find) and asked if my 'patron' was available. Luckily my boss was making his way over to the yard and was treated to another limp handshake. They went off together to look at a patch of land while I racked my brains to work out where I had seen him before. Perhaps he was a local farmer coming to do some fencing I thought, before it suddenly dawned on me that he was, in fact, our local Maire.

Shouldn't he be wearing a chain or something? or at least look a little less like Compo from Last of the summer wine....

This morning I had to take Romey (the cat that came with the house) to the vet to have a cancerous ear taken off. I was dreading that moment where they give you a form where you have to agree that the cat may die during the operation and you consent to it going ahead. I handed over the cat and the vet just looked at me.
"Don't I need to sign anything?" I asked. "No" he replied "you can pay when you pick her up". I guess it is just taken for granted you know they may croak it and accept that. I went on to tell him that the last time she had had an anaesthetic she seemed to me to take a very long time to come around afterwards and was still out of it at ten oclock that night... "Seeing pink elephants?" he asked "absolutely normal".
Ok, I'll just go then.....

It is different here isnt it?!!!


  1. Hope your cat is OK. I find the vets very relaxed and great to work with. Very different to the money driven UK vets. I hae never talked to our mayor. Have asked his secretary if I can, but she is like a rotweiller, and guards him ferociously. Anything I ask of her is met with a firm 'Non'. It is not because she dislikes the English, it's because she dislikes everyone!

  2. I think that pets mostly have a different value to a lot of us!! DCiane

  3. Seems like raising chickens in urban areas is becoming very popular in the States. Have not tried it yet- see some raccoons around and feel maybe they would not be safe.

  4. Perhaps the last maire would have been a bit more 'sympa' if he had looked like Compo.....you knew he was coming a mile off from the stink of aftershave...

  5. She seems to be fine thanks Vera, lets hope so.
    You're right Diane!
    Helen - if you can possibly make them safe go for it, they are great animals to keep and fly - I must get online and find out what/where you are up do - Do they have Maires in Costa Rica?xx


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