Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Musical Ride Madness

Is there such a thing? I think so. This bloody musical ride is going round and round and round in my head while I try to memorise it. We are training in two seperate groups and apparently the other group have what sounds like a photographic memory and have already nailed their bit.

So not one to dodge a challenge I nabbed the organisers list of movements and photocopied them, one for myself and one for Jane, who is the other lead rider in our group. Basically everyone else can just follow us around, except at two points where we all have to turn at the same time (must think of a signal).

Jane and I have made it our mission to be as near as damn it perfect for Saturdays rehearsal, so watch this space...

Neil came back to bed this morning with a cup of tea and as we had our ritual cuddle to start the day I noticed that he smelled...of woodsmoke, having stoked the woodburning stove to keep it going. Later I was watching the morning news and a tv advert came on for a fabric conditioner that fills the house with a fresh Spring Flowers aroma (apparently). My washing always smells of woodsmoke at this time of year as it dries on a sheila maid over the fire.

Spring freshness would be nice - but you can't beat a bit of wood smoke.


  1. I well know the problem, I used to be leader of one side of our musical rides. At least then I was very much younger and my memory was much better than it is now!! Our riding school mistress used to stand at the end, and at strategic times when everyone had to do the same thing rather than follow she used to use a whistle :) Diane

  2. I've brought the sheila maid with us...it has followed us from house to house and I couldn't do without it.
    Mine's on the balcony...not elegant, but practical.
    For some reason it strikes people here, Costa Rican and American alike, as very odd.
    Americans put everything into a dryer and Costa Ricans have lines like the French .....those four or five lines close together between concrete posts....not like our English lines where things can flap and blow.

  3. Good idea! I like it - the only problem being we have one pony that explodes in a fit of bucking at the slightest thing (including whistles probably) - may make the ride more amusing for the viewing public though.....

  4. I love the sheila maid - it doubles as a herb, garlic, onion and chilli drying rack in the summer when the clothes can go outside!


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