Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm not at all sure where the last two weeks have gone. Neil spent one of them in the UK visiting his family and the last week has just been a blur - partly due to celebrations for my birthday which did seem strung out over a few days - fun though!!

I'm sitting at the computer today because it is one of those annoying days where the weather just can't make its mind up what it is doing. Every time the sun comes out I go out and try and make a start on tidying up the garden - but then we just get a downpour again. Also frustratingly the sit on mower is refusing to fire into life.

Anyway a few pics of the garden and here is a lovely camelia that my boss bought me for my birthday. I had to put it up off the floor as I came out of the front door and the chickens were pecking the flower heads off - grrr!!

This is the lettuce, radish and spring onion raised bed. I know that things are planted way too close but space is at a bit of a premium until the polytunnel is finished

this is one of the chicks - amazing how fast they change from cute fluffy things to raptory half feathered adolescents!!

At the weekend we had a curry night for a few (12) friends - Neil did a sterling job cooking several curries and I tried to make the place look vaguely habitable

Lastly I just want to give a 'virtual hug' to Judith and Ian who lost their lovely cat Charley

and to Margaret and Keith who lost dear old Tess a short time ago

they both had a lovely life being spoilt rotten and loved dearly.


  1. What do you mean...'vaguely habitable'!
    It looks jolly nice to me.

  2. Happy birthday to you, Roz, and glad that your coming birthday year started off with a bang. Those flowers were gorgeous, and so is your lettuce house, and so is your kitchen. Eventually we might have a lettuce house and proper kitchen, but feel encouraged by what you have, and are, achieving.

  3. Curry for 12.... goodness, that's brave!

  4. Thank you Helen, it does look ok for a building site!!!
    Thanks Vera - your place is progressing well too - I love the videos - you'll have to give me a tutorial!!
    It was curry for 14 including us Jan - luckily Neil always cooks for 5,000!!!! (we had enough to feed some friends for lunch the next day too!!)


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