Friday, 11 March 2011

I was really looking forward to a day out shopping and generally taking it easy before unforseen events changed plans and we were left at a bit of a loose end.....
"Lets go out together and have some quality time out" - says I
"It's good weather today and I could get the concrete ring beam done on the workshop" says he. Bollocks.
A couple of hours later I am stood with a concrete mixer, ten buckets and two wheelbarrows and an expectant hubby standing on a scaffolding. I lugged many buckets of concrete before a bit of a wrist injury stopped play. Feeling terribly guilty I left Neil to carry on whilst I hovered around trying to help and strapping my wrist up.

Tommorow morning I have a six oclock start (am not pm) as I am off to a showjumping event in the next department. I'm hoping not having to muck out will rest my wrist and it will soon be back to full strength.

Here are the first batch of chicks born this year. The black one at the front was hatched in a friends' incubator but was the only chick to hatch, so they bought it over and it has settled in very well with my gang.


  1. Oh yes!

    'Shall we go into San Jose and see the orchid exhibition, catch the music in the parks and come out via Escazu to see the ox cart parade?'

    'Oh, I thought as we had a bit of free time we'd move the pig pens...'

  2. As a friend has just said "There is no such thing as a day off when you are renovating!!" Grr!!

  3. That sounds a familiar sort of day!!!! Hope your wrist is not carpal tunnel! Too much gardening did just that to me and made life difficult for a while :( Take care. Diane

  4. We're the same. Lester only has the weekends to do jobs, and my role seems to be hovering around in case he needs my help. Repeating your reaction Roz: Grrrrr!!

  5. Oh dear, I hope your wrist has recovered by now.

  6. Rozzy think you might likt these feel free to post them on the blog or the link !! see you soon hope you had a fab birthday x



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