Saturday, 11 February 2012

Have a look!

Having received the Leibster award (see here) this is my first recommendation if you are looking for a blog to read - Veras blog Snippets from Labartere
Vera is renovating her house and running a smallholding and writes delightfully about her experiences, and includes some funny little videos from time to time.
I would also like to re-thank Sue, who nominated me and has also explained how to do links - so if the link to Vera's blog works I have got the hang of it, and if it doesn't I am too thick to understand her very clear instructions!!


  1. Dragged into the twenty first century kicking and screaming lol!!!

  2. Thanks for the award Roz. It was very sweet of you to think of me.

  3. Thanks Horst! A stray Limousin cow wandered into the field with the horses - it seemed quite happy though!!!
    Vera you are most welcome xx

  4. Well done Roz! Oooh more blogs to peruse. Just what's needed for a chilly Sunday afternoon. :)


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